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Divorce can be incredibly difficult. Allow a divorce lawyer to provide you with representation and guidance throughout the legal process.

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Three Different Types of Divorce

Uncontested Divorce: Uncontested divorce is one of the most peaceful divorce options available. Generally speaking, a divorce is considered ‘uncontested’ when either a) the parties have no assets or liabilities to divide, or b) when the parties have already agreed on how to divide their property. Even in cases like these, however, the legal proceedings can be somewhat complicated. An uncontested divorce lawyer can provide you with mediation, assist with any necessary documents, advise you on things such as Property Settlement Agreements, and manage other legal matters.

Contested Divorce: Contested divorce generally comes about under one of two circumstances. The first is where one of the individuals does not wish to get divorced; the second is where the divorcing individuals can’t agree on how to divide their property. Many contested divorce cases, however, can become uncontested cases with the assistance of the right attorney. Should they continue to be contested, however, a qualified attorney can help you fight for your rights in court.

Fault-Based Divorce: Generally speaking, the non-filing party has the right to a two-year waiting period of living apart from their former partner before the Pennsylvania court system will accept a request for divorce. Under certain circumstances, however—such as adultery, abuse, or abandonment—the court will grant a divorce without waiting for this two-year period, and without the other party’s consent. To do this, however, a lawyer will often need to prove that the other individual really is at fault.

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Receive Guidance Throughout Your Divorce Case

The Law Office of Jesse I. Weidaw is here to guide clients through their divorce, no matter the type. When you work with us, we will provide you with compassionate representation and unending support. Consider calling today to speak to a divorce lawyer and learn more.


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