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Dividing property is an important aspect of divorce. Get help with equitable distribution in the Bridgeville, PA area by contacting The Law Office of Jess I. Weidaw. We are committed to providing clients with reliable representation and solid advice. A divorce lawyer from our team can help the division of assets on divorce and make your life easier.


What Is Equitable Distribution?

With divorce in PA, a couple’s property, by law, belongs to both individuals jointly, regardless of the situation. As such, when two individuals get divorced, they’ll need to split their property between them. The division of this property is known as ‘equitable distribution.’ It should be noted that ‘equitable’ doesn’t equate to ‘equal’; property divisions are meant to be handled in whatever way is most fair to the individuals involved, and the court will use a variety of different factors to make the decision on how to divide it. Oftentimes, a property appraisal will be necessary in order to determine how best to divide things–especially with a high asset divorce. Your property division lawyer can discuss equitable property division and management with you, give you a better idea of how the property will be divided, discuss getting an appraisal of the property, and help you make sure that your best interests are represented.

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