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When two individuals separate, child support payments are often necessary from one or both parents. This money is used to help cover the expenses of raising a child and make sure that they’re properly cared for. A child support lawyer near Bridgeville, PA, can help you with any court procedures necessary. At The Law Office of Jesse I. Weidaw, we are able to assist with adjusting child support schedules, determining child support, and more. Reach out to a qualified child support attorney to get legal help today.

Understand How Child Support is Calculated in Pennsylvania

Child support may be determined by a number of different factors. This includes what the custody schedule is like, the number of children, the parent(s)’s monthly income after taxes, and any additional expenses involved in raising a child. In order to decide on how much a parent will have to pay, each parent’s monthly wages will first have to be determined. These amounts will be adjusted for any spousal support or alimony that’s being paid, then combined. The total amount is divided by the parent’s total income and is adjusted for things like the amount of children and additional expenses. A lawyer for child support can help with this process and provide you with advice and guidance.

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