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Child custody is often a major concern for separating partners.

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What Are the Different Types of Custody?

Sole Custody: Sole custody is where only one parent is awarded custody of the child. This situation is very rare—often only happening because the other parent is in jail, has been found to be abusive, or has abandoned their family—since it’s generally believed the child will benefit most from having both parents in their lives.

Primary Custody: Primary custody is where one parent has more overnight custody time with their child than the other (generally speaking, 60% or more). This type of custody is generally awarded when the parents live long distances apart, or when schooling or employment prevents shared custody from being feasible. The other parent is generally considered to have ‘partial’ custody, and will often have the child on weekends.

Shared Custody: This type of custody is where the parents share custody of the child relatively evenly. Shared custody—along with primary custody—is one of the most common types of custody awarded by the court.

Visitation: Visitation is an uncommon type of custody, as it allows a parent the opportunity to see their child—often with supervision—but does not truly award them custody. Visitation is generally given when an individual has not been very present in their child’s life but wants the opportunity to interact with them. In addition, individuals with drug- or alcohol-related problems may be given the opportunity to visit their children, even if they don’t have custody.

Grandparent Custody: Grandparent custody may be awarded if the child’s parents are actively abusing or neglecting their child. A grandparent may also sue for partial custody or visitation rights if the child’s parents are separated or divorced.

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